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> ed wrote:
> > David Vincent wrote:
> >> ed wrote:
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> >>> I am attempting to setup my insulin pump with vmware server on Gutsy.
> ...snip...
> >> vmware will not pass  your usb device to the guest os unless the guest
> >> was completely powered off when you started AND the device was already
> >> recognized by the host os.
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> > Thank you David, that was it. I guess being new can be a bit
> > overwhelming at times. Thank the computer gods for people like you!
> no sweat ed.  it's about giving back isn't it?  glad i could help.
> First, I may be off base since I  didn't see the beginning of this
thread.  Sorry.

But in my experience, if you are using VMware Player 2.0, this isn't true.

For instance, I have a Verizon EVDO card that requires usbserial to be
loaded to work in Ubuntu.

But if I load it while Windows XP is running in VMware Player 2.0, VMware
recognizes it (presumably once the PCI bus recognizes it) and can use it.
Ubuntu as the host OS can't use it until the usbserial driver is loaded.

I would expect that VMware server or Player 1.x would not be able to do
this, so if you were talking about those versions, sorry.

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