How do I disable a network interface in Gutsy

Rashkae ubuntu at
Sat Nov 10 22:52:39 UTC 2007

Charlie Kravetz wrote:

> Go to System --> Administration --> Network, select the interface you
> want to disable, and select properties. Uncheck ¨Enable roaming mode¨,
> select ¨Configuration:¨ what mode you use (normally ¨Automatic
> configuration (DHCP)¨, then ¨OK¨. Now you can enable/disable that
> interface by placing a check mark in the square to the left of the
> interface. When you enable it, Network Manager will connect it.

I can see where the interface needs a bit of work, but that works, 
thanks :)  Now if only there was a way to turn Network Manager itself on 
off on the system, I would consider it ready for release.  (Do I 
understand correctly that the intergration of NM into the system without 
a service init script is actually a Ubuntu 'inovation' over the base 
package?  strange)

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