Beryl repo?

Art Edwards edwardsa at
Sat Nov 10 06:23:25 UTC 2007

David Vincent wrote:
> Art Edwards wrote:
>> In fact, it's worse than that. Compiz doesn't work at all for ati, beryl
>> did. So did Ubuntu actually remove the packages from the Feisty
>> repository as well?
> Compiz does work for ATI, please read the list archives and/or use 
> Google before you make sweeping statements like that.
> To clarify:  If you have an ATI card and are using the fglrx driver 
> which comes in the Ubuntu repositories you do not have AIGLX support and 
> Beryl/Compiz/CompizFusion will not work easily.

I have used Beryl in the past with ati on a laptop with relative ease. I
have compiled the new ATI (8.42.3), and while it has AIXGL, it is
missing a module the enables texturing, sio that compiz.real dies
without working. I know 8.42.3 is installed correctly because

glxinfo | grep direct


direct rendering: Yes

I may work with the xgl server installed, but if it's too slow, it will
go. It's a personal thing, but I have an issue with eye-candy that
impacts performance. Anyway, beryl came up on the machine with the white
screen problem. I have fixed that in the past, so I would like to find
the beryl packages again. If, after I install the beryl packages without
the xgl layer it actually fails I will be happy to post an apology. If
it does work, I will post that as well, so that other users can make
their own choice(s).

I have just opened up the synaptics tool and now I can find the beryl
packages. I really don't understand this because this morning all I
could find were a couple of libraries. So, I should be able to report my
success or my ignominious failure very soon (for all of you that simply
can't go to bed without knowing the outcome).

Art Edwards

> If you have an ATI card and are using the open source ATI driver which 
> comes with Ubuntu you do not have AIGLX support and 
> Beryl/Compiz/ColmpizFusion will not work easily.
> If you are in either of those spots you have two choices:
> 1.  Run an XGL server overlay on your desktop (this is the default in 
> Gutsy) and then you can run Beryl/Compiz/CompizFusion (I find the 
> performance hit with this method unbearable)
> 2.  Upgrade to the LATEST driver released by ATI 
> ( which DOES support AIGLX and 
> then you can also run Beryl/Compiz/CompizFusion
> "Dotan Cohen" <dotancohen at>  said:
>  > What's a good, up to date Beryl repo? I've found this one (Trevino):
>  >
> That is the repo I used to get Beryl working on my Feisty installs.
> -d

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