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On Nov 9, 2007 11:06 PM, Mark H. Nichols <ubuntu.prole at gmail.com> wrote:

> After downloading and setting up Eclipse, I created a launcher for it.
>  The eclipse download includes a .XPM file for the icon while the launcher
> wants a .SVG file to display.  I've searched for a tool to convert from one
> to the other without any success.

According to freedesktop.org's icon theme
you can use xpm files for icons.

The image files must be one of the types: PNG, XPM, or SVG, and the
extension must be ".png", ".xpm", or ".svg" (lower case). The support for
SVG files is optional.

Is there a way to use the .XMP file with a launcher?
> Or, is there a way to convert the .XMP to a .SVG?

XMP files are metadata files similar to XML, used by applications like
Creative-Common's Liblicense.

You mean XPM?

The most non-technical way to convert an xpm image to svg is to
1. Open it with GIMP
2. Save it as PNG
3. Open the PNG in Inkscape
4. Trace it, then save it as SVG.

other than that you can use autotrace, delineate or potrace.

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