Question for Pidgin users on Xubuntu Gutsy

Peter Spotts pspotts at
Fri Nov 9 16:35:12 UTC 2007


I've just upgraded Pidgin to 2.2.2 on Xubuntu Gutsy and notice a
continuing problem (also there with 2.2.1). When I try to use Pidgin's
tray icon to raise and lower the buddy-list window, the window fails to
remember its previous size and position.I give it a tall, narrow look
when I first raise it, but it reappears full screen on subsequent tries
-- even though I resize it each time before using the tray icon to close
it again. I've tried using the tray icon with another window manager and
Pidgin (or the window manager) remembers my last size and location. So
this looks like a problem between Pidgin and Xubuntu. Has anyone else
seen this, and, if so, have you found a fix for it?


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