Bluetooth Headset trouble

Damien Hull dhull at
Thu Nov 8 03:51:33 UTC 2007

Here's my hardware:
1. Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon
2. Belkin bluetooth adapter
3. Plantronics bluetooth headset

I had it working on gutsy testing. I think that was called RC5. Anyway, 
I was trying to get it working again. I install the following.

    * bluetooth
    * bluetooth-alsa
    * bluez-btsco
    * python-bluez

I went into the "Bluetooth Manager" and tried to configure a few things. 
Then I ran "hcitool scan" a few times. Then for no reason that I can 
think of I lost access to the bluetooth adapter. Here's what I get when 
I run "hcitool scan".

    dhull at dhull-desktop:~$ hcitool scan
    Device is not available: No such device

If I open up "Bluetooth Manager" I am unable to make changes. The first 
tab is grayed out. Maybe something happened to the device file. That's 
only a guess.

What's going on here?

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