Dovecot versus Postfix

Jan Sneep jan at
Thu Nov 8 02:00:33 UTC 2007

> Like I said, if you don't know what they are you don't need
> them, (hint:
> they are both two totally different things, you might as well
> be saying
> apache or mysql, or maybe evolution or mplayer) as one works
> without the
> other, one is a sending email the other is a pop3 server. If
> you did not
> know that (not being a smart ass by the way) then, again, you
> don't need
> either, as you probably  use a email client to talk direct to
> your ISP, or
> browser to use GMail etc..

Like I mentioned in my original post ...

"I want to replace an old Windows mail server that came with Windows '95,
yes has been working beautifully without so much as a single hiccup over the
past 12 years. It is used just to transfer mail to other users on the LAN,
actually just between my wife and I. Two mailboxes and we use it 90% of the
time just to send each other calendar appointments, so we know what plans
the other has made. The rest of our mail we send directly to our ISP's mail
server for delivery and we grab our incoming emails directly from the three
ISP mail servers that we have account on."

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