DHCPD Problem

Oscar Veloz oveloz at glasfloss.com
Wed Nov 7 14:55:34 UTC 2007

I am currently at small location helping with the implementation of
Shoretel VOIP system.  At a larger location I defined a custom "Option
156" in my Windows Server 2003 DHCP so that my Shoretel 230 Phones would
find an FTP server to boot from.  At this small location I run a Linux
Server for DHCP.  My server is Ubuntu Gutsy distro.  According to
shoretel documentation (in nutshell) in windows server I am to create
Option 156 as a string value with the string being in the this syntax -
ftpservers=, country=1, language=1, layer2tagging=0,
vlanid=n, and that works great.  In my DHCPD.conf file on my Linux
server my syntax looks like so.  First line says - option
IPPhoneBootServer code 156 = string;.  Second line says - option
IPPhoneBootServer "ftpservers=, country=1, language=1,
layer2tagging=0, vlanid=n";.  One thing is that in windows server I can
name Option 156 IP Phone Boot Server, but Linux wont allow the spaces,
so either my name is contiguous or has hyphens.  Bottom line is my
syntax appears ok because DHCPD starts, but the IP Phone only gets an IP
not the string of info from Option 156.

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