Cheap laser printers and Ubuntu

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Tue Nov 6 14:25:01 UTC 2007

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On 5-Nov-07, at 9:50 PM, Caleb Marcus wrote:

> I've been looking into a new printer, and Albert Charron's message  
> about printers made me think that maybe I should ask the list about  
> recommendations :)
> I'm looking for a cheap (less than $150) laser printer that'll work  
> well with Ubuntu... I've narrowed it down to the Brother HL-2040  
> and the HP LaserJet 1018. However, the HL-2040 seems to have non- 
> Linux-related problems of its own. I was wondering if anyone who  
> reads this list can tell me anything about these printers, and  
> their experience using them with Ubuntu. If there's a printer that  
> anyone thinks I should check out, tell me about that too, I'm open  
> to recommendations.

I have no experience with either of those models,  but generally  
speaking HP has decent linux support and Brother often does not.   
Many Brother models are 'Win printers' where the driver does a lot of  
the work.  If they have a linux driver it may work ok, but I'd go for  
the HP.  They generally can use bog standard PCL drivers, and work  
well.  To really make sure it works well, buy a printer that  
understands Postscript.  (but I don't think they make many or maybe  
even any in your price range)  Postscript network printers work  
wonderfully under any OS.    I've had good luck with Lexmark T###n  
and e###n series lasers at work - we've got a dozen or so of them -  
but toner isn't the cheapest.  Just take the Lexmark PPD file and add  
it to cups and away you go.

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