Cheap laser printers and Ubuntu

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> Caleb Marcus wrote:
>> I've been looking into a new printer, and Albert Charron's message 
>> about printers made me think that maybe I should ask the list about 
>> recommendations :)
>> I'm looking for a cheap (less than $150) laser printer that'll work 
>> well with Ubuntu... I've narrowed it down to the Brother HL-2040 and 
>> the HP LaserJet 1018. However, the HL-2040 seems to have 
>> non-Linux-related problems of its own. I was wondering if anyone who 
>> reads this list can tell me anything about these printers, and their 
>> experience using them with Ubuntu. If there's a printer that anyone 
>> thinks I should check out, tell me about that too, I'm open to 
>> recommendations. 
> Honestly, I've never looked at the Brother printers, and the only 
> experience I have with HP printers are from work (mostly a windows 
> environment), so I can't do any recommendations there.
> My printer at home is a Samsung ML-1740 laser printer that cost me 129$ 
> two years ago.  This printer isn't marketed anymore, but I have friends 
> who own other Samsung printers (ml-2010, and their replacement), all 
> working fine under Linux.

I have a HP LaserJet 6L that works just great. I see them on eBay, and 
they are cheap enough and well supported by Linux. Toner can be had for 
under $30 US also via eBay. I picked mine up at a local thrift shop for 
around $3.00, 5 years ago. It's a parallel printer BTW.

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