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Chris G cl at
Mon Nov 5 20:29:34 UTC 2007

On Mon, Nov 05, 2007 at 08:14:05PM +0000, Tony Arnold wrote:
> Chris,
> Chris G wrote:
> > So what does Ubuntu Server give me (or lose me) that the other Ubuntus
> > don't?
> I'm not sure what extra it gives you, but it is missing the desktop
> stuff. Which you can add if you like!.
> > OK, that's the usual way of doing it, I just wante to make sure I
> > wasn't locked into a particular window mananger.
> Linux tends not to lock you into anything:-)
> >> There is no difference between doing su and supplying the root password
> >> and type sudo -i and supplying your own password, so I've never
> >> understood the big deal that is made of this.
> >>
> > There is, once you've become root you can issue lots of commands as
> > root rather than prefixing everything you do with sudo.
> That's why I said 'sudo -i' which puts you into a rooted shell just as
> su does, but it uses your password, not the root password. And it only
> allows those users authorised to do so.
Since I'm the only user that last bit doesn't really make much
difference!  :-)

> > I guess it's just habit, having been a Unix user since the 1980s I
> > find the 'old fashioned' way of becoming root more comfortable.  :-)
> Me too, but I got used to sudo and quite like it and I know my root
> account cannot be hacked by password guessing etc. But you have the choice.
Er, but why would it be easier to hack the root password?  (Unless
you're saying that a hacker knows there's a root account but not your

Chris Green

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