lightest possible weight ubuntu?

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Mon Nov 5 00:42:51 UTC 2007

On 02/11/2007, NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:

> > At the moment, it's CLI based only as I lack the patience of a saint.
> Ineresting... I ended up giving a 128M module from my A21M to my son for
> his T21 so I only have 128M left in the machine. I swapped hard drives
> as well & it now only has Win2K on it (that's what had come with his
> T21). I'd been waiting to get another 128M module before loading Gutsy,
> but noticing this thread I've decided to try xubuntu @ 128M...
> downloading the xubuntu alternate iso now & will report back on how it
> goes :-)

Don't expect miracles but I think you might be quite surprised.
Obviously it'll swap like a bugger but it'll be a fair bit more
responsive than 2K.

I long for the days when I used to run 98 quite happily in 64 meg.
Saying that, AmigaOS3 in  a meg.

Can someone explain to me how I used to connect to Demon and Fidonet,
pick up and relay mail, wordprocess, burn CD's, and do pretty much
exactly the same stuff as I'm doing right now in around 1/2000 of the


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