[end result] Re: lightest possible weight ubuntu?

David Vincent dvincent at sleepdeprived.ca
Sun Nov 4 17:12:20 UTC 2007

NoOp wrote:

> As in the past; gnome wins hands down over xubuntu for me.


> I quickly tired of mucking around in tiny fonts

I really like those small fonts, esp on a 1024x768 display as I am used
to something much bigger.  sigh.

> not being able to
> easily VNC into the system without fooling around with X11VNC

yep, thats annoying...and a stopper

> not being
> able to view samba shares of the other machines


> position items on the
> panels the way I want

no problems here, care to elaborate?

> not being able to set a static IP without irda
> getting in the way, etc., etc.

really??!!  no problems here, it uses the same networking applet as
gnome so what was the problem you ran into?  also now that network
manager is in xubuntu i am realyl happy - not being able to easily get
access to WPA wireless networks was a pain and a roadblock for adoption.
  of course, just as they add network manager to xubuntu they also added
native wpa support in the network applet too.  go figure.  :)

> I finally just did $ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop and now I'm
> happy again. Response even with only 128Mb of memory seems to be about
> the same (and faster in some instances), so I'll put up with it until I
> manage to get some added memory.

i have to admit i don't use xubuntu full time and i think i would get
pretty annoyed with it too.  i've found when looking for help for ubuntu
it is MUCH easier if you are using UBUNTU, not XUBUNTU not KUBUNTU not

my $0.02


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