Multiple network monitor applets

David Vincent dvincent at
Thu Nov 1 16:35:35 UTC 2007

Liam Proven wrote:
> Is it me, or is there duplication between the network-status
> monitoring programs in GNOME?
> By default, I get a little icon in the system tray showing 2 tiny
> computers, rather like the Windows one. However, there's also a
> "network monitor" in the list of applets one can "add to the panel",
> and that one does rather more - for instance, one can choose which
> connection to monitor if one's computer has multiple network
> connections. (E.g. my main desktop has 2 Ethernet ports, and the PC in
> my living room has both wired Ethernet and WLAN connections.)
> What's the point of having 2? It seems redundant...

by default you are looking at "Network Manager" which won't look like 
much to you unless you have a wireless network.  the other applet is a 
little gnome thingy to give you pretty lights when you have network 
activity.  that one is nic specific so if you have multiple network 
cards you will need to add it more than once to your panel and then 
configure it for each interface.

network manager does not blink or do anything to show you you have 
network activity - it changes from the little icon you are used to to a 
wireless lan strength meter depending on which network you are actively 
connected to.

google network manager for more info on it.  on my desktop machines i 
disable it and add the gnome applet to get my pretty lights.  :)


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