SLOW boot and LONG wait when logging out to switch users.

damian misc at
Thu Nov 1 14:18:53 UTC 2007

I have 2 ubuntu machines. One of them is taking a long long time to get 
from the gui screen starting up (cream background and spinning cursor) 
and the login screen coming up. This used to take about a second, but is 
not a couple of minutes.

Is there any way to look behind the gui to see what's taking so long?

Both machines have this same problem when logging out to switch users. 
The background goes blank and the spinning cursor comes up, then it 
seems to take forever before anyone can log in again.

Any ideas or advice?

Both machines have had MythBuntu added to them if that points to 
anything. I don't see why it should, but trying to figure this out.


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