Integrated media management / streaming solution

David Vincent dvincent at
Thu Nov 1 16:27:19 UTC 2007

IsomerX wrote:
> All;
> I was wondering if anyone was using, or aware of, an OS integrated
> media management / streaming suite.  At the moment I'm only interested
> in audio, though video in the future wouldn't be bad.
> Desired traits:
> Secure web interface, including ripping of CDs from remote system
> (Java applet or similar)
> Per user playlists
> Simultaneous unique streams (each user can listen to a different song)
> The ability to scan and 'import' and existing collection which poorly organized
> Lower priority traits:
> On the fly reencoding for lower bandwidth
> I'm looking for something for personal use, but I also want something
> I can connect to over the internet, so it needs to be secure.
> Anyone have any thoughts?



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