no bootsplash/console with gutsy on a hp/compaq 6715s

Jonas Meurer jonas at
Thu Nov 1 00:03:48 UTC 2007


I just installed ubuntu gutsy on a hp/compaq 6715s laptop. i used the
alternative cd, as the graphical installer didn't work. After 
installation the bootscreen was simply black, and i needed to change to
tty1 manually to see a login prompt at the end of the bootprocess.

the Xserver didn't work either. I had to install the fglrx drivers and
run some configuration script which updated /etc/X11/xorg.conf.
Afterwards gdm started without any issues, but after a restart the
virtual console was broken instead.

and that's my current situation:

soon after grub in the boot process everything on the screen disappears,
and i see a black screen until gdm starts the Xserver.
if i try to change to a virtual console like tty1 afterwards, i just see
a black screen, exactly like during boot process.

i already tried to use vga=785 in /boot/grub/menu.lst and set resolution
to 600x480 in /etc/usplash.conf.

i didn't try to turn of usplash completely yet, but as the console is
even unaccessible after boot i cannot believe that this is a usplash

is this a known issue with the 6715s, and do you know a fix for it?

maybe it's some problem with framebuffer mode and the proprietary
ati x driver?
i remember that proprietary nvidia x drivers don't work with the
nvidiafb kernel driver. maybe similar issues exist for the ati fglrx

please cc me, as i'm not subscribed to the list.

thanks in advance,

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