Sun Java in Gutsy?

Knute Johnson knute at
Thu Nov 1 00:12:29 UTC 2007

>Knute Johnson wrote:
>> This was really simple in 7.04 but I can't get it to work in 7.10.  
>> How do I install the Sun JDK and associated stuff?  apt-cache doesn't 
>> see the packages.  Something isn't set up right but I don't know 
>> what.
>> Thanks,
>The Java packages are in multiverse.  Do you have it enabled?

I know that and no I don't think I do or it would show up somewhere.  
I found a web page that had some lines for the sources.list file and 
I added those but it didn't work.

I would appreciate as detailed an explanation as you could give me.


Knute Johnson
Molon Labe...

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