Repair Grub Files?

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Thu May 31 23:51:10 UTC 2007

On Thursday 31 May 2007, Derek Broughton wrote:
> Sorry, I was answering immaturity with immaturity.  I find the implication
> that I _should_ be using vi, insulting.  There's nothing SOP about it on a
> KDE desktop.  You're welcome to use it, but don't insist I or anyone else
> _should_ know it.  And don't even think about suggesting I'm one of
> the "younger generation".  I was computing _before_ there was Unix. :-)
> --

I don't use vi myself....  but I think the point here is that anyone using 
Linux should know *some*  vi commands.     I use it everytime I get done with 
a fresh install and have nothing else to use....   while I make those one or 
two line changes to config files to set up a network or such.

The point here is that vi is almost universal in being available on *any* 
linux system including  Tom's Root-boot floppy.  But I don't suppose you've 
ever used that either.  :-)

And I too am an old fart like you imply you are.

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