Using Thunderbird to Pull same e-mail from two PCs.

Adam McGreggor lists at
Wed May 30 17:14:04 UTC 2007

On Wed, May 30, 2007 at 10:41:55AM -0400, Andrew Syrewicze wrote:
> Hello list.
> Got a question here. I have an idea of how to do it, but i'm not exactly
> sure. I use my gmail account for all my list stuff, among other things, and
> I would like to be able to use IMAP instead of POP. that way i'm looking at
> identical e-mail while i'm on my desktop at home and when i'm on my laptop
> at work. I've got a server at home that i run a few things on. (samba,
> TeamSpeak, DHCP). Is there a way i can setup some sort of mail service on my
> server to pull my messages from my gmail account, and then using IMAP pull
> my messages from my server using thunderbird on my desktop and laptop???

Well, with your existing set-up, you could NFS/SMB export the
mail-folders for Thunderbird on the desktop, and configure the laptop to
use that.

Personally, i'd use fetchmail, screen, and mutt (possibly procmail,

Others might suggest installing an imap(s)d, which, to me, is a bit of
an over-kill, really.

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