IMAP-Client with different check times

Andy Harrison aharrison at
Wed May 30 11:03:18 UTC 2007

On 5/30/07, Carsten Aulbert (list) <carsten at> wrote:
> I'm doing all my filtering via procmail on the server but would want to
> pull my inbox every few minutes while leaving mailing lists (esp. LKML)
> and others at 1-2h checking times otherwise a new mail icon is really
> interrupting my work flow. Right now I'm using a second mail account on
> the same server, but it's not yet working nicely.

Yep, I do understand your reasons.  It was for those same reasons that
I switched to using a gmail account just for all of my mailing lists.
After I started doing it that way, I quickly realized it was a Good
Idea.  Having mailing lists in your gmail account, especially those
typical lists that don't have a decent, searchable archive, make
searching list archives so very easy.  I even wrote a crappy script
for sending mail archives to my gmail account and added the feature of
sending a mailman archive to it.

Andy Harrison

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