IMAP-Client with different check times

Carsten Aulbert (list) carsten at
Wed May 30 10:22:27 UTC 2007

Hi Andy,

Andy Harrison wrote:
> There isn't one that allows you different time intervals per folder.

What a pity, do you know if this is outside the IMAP specs?

> However, with claws-mail, you can at least tell it to only check
> certain folders for new mail during polling.  I do all my filtering
> from claws itself instead of creating filters on the mail server, so I
> shut off new mail checking for everything but the inbox (the default
> is to check every folder for new messages).  Note that folders which
> have new mail because claws filtered it into there still show up as
> containing new mail.  And, of course, even if you have new mail checks
> disabled for a folder, as soon as you click into the folder new
> messages will appear.

I'm doing all my filtering via procmail on the server but would want to
pull my inbox every few minutes while leaving mailing lists (esp. LKML)
and others at 1-2h checking times otherwise a new mail icon is really
interrupting my work flow. Right now I'm using a second mail account on
the same server, but it's not yet working nicely.

But thanks a lot for the answer



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