Microsoft Exchange Server replacement Project

Anton Hofmann doomrunner.lists at
Wed May 30 09:09:45 UTC 2007

Hi Mario,

take a look at collax business server:
thats a all in one product with an integrated proxy, file-server, 
ldap-auth, scalix groupware etc. etc.

a huge part of this product is open source, so it should be able to 
convert some of those functions in one package.

so long...


Mario Ohnewald schrieb:
> Hello Ubuntu community,
> we are currently looking for a Microsoft Exchange Server replacement.
> All the Projects such as Samba, OpenXchange, Squid, Ldap, etc... already
> exist. Its just a matter of "putting all the pices together".
> After doing some researches we found it very confusing and challenging
> to set up something like this.
> Would someone here want to help develop a ubuntu package wich covers all
> this? Or is there already such an project?
> In the first stage, the Project should include:
> - Configuration of a LDAP backend
> - Configuration of Samba
> - Configuration of OpenXchange
> - Configuration of Squid
> - Configuration of Curier
> - Configuration of nss_ldap
> - Configuration of pam_ldap
> - simple Administration Tool
> Is anyone willing or intrested to help?
> Regards, Mario

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