Feisty dialup connection problems

squareyes squareyes at internode.on.net
Tue May 29 12:00:39 UTC 2007

squareyes wrote:
> I checked /etc/ppp/options,  auth commented out, already set to noauth.
> Will do a complete re-install tomorrow with new keyboard. What I have 
> seen of Feisty looks very nice.
> Worth the effort.
Hi all,
have done 4 re-installs in the last 24 hours, same results, can get mail 
in, none out.
I have at least managed to get more than 1 lot in now.
One re-install, wiped out XP that was on the box when I got it (0n a 
very small partition)
put up "Grub error"
so I put the Feisty CD in the drive, but could not move down the menu. 
Thought I had
found the problem, so dug out a primitive old keyboard which would allow 
me to move down the menu.
Formatted the disk, and re-installed giving Feisty all the drive.
Same result, asks me for the password when sending a couple of times 
then "Can't connect to smpt server.
Gkrellm doesn't reset pp) to zero when I disconnect, and I put the 
dapper CD in the drive with Feisty running, and it finds it as
a music CD.

Am on dial up (bit obvious :-) ) so takes quite a while to update apt 
and get anything in, so tomorrow will try installing
Dapper, and give Feisty a rest. Pity it looks nice, and would like to 
make this new box work :-)
I can't upgrade from Dapper to Feisty, or do I need Edgy as an 
intermediate step ?
If Dapper installs, might I have more success with the alternate CD?
Thanks again all for the help
Take Care

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