7.04 to Gutsy Gibbon

Tomer Chachamu the.r3m0t at gmail.com
Tue May 29 09:28:36 UTC 2007

On 5/24/07, Jimmy Frydkær Jensen <thewolf40 at mailme.dk> wrote:
> Well - Maybe I'm born under a lucky star
> I don't know - But just out of curiosity I
> tried to upgrade my Ubuntu 7.04 to Gusty Gibbon
> and I must admit that NOW I'm even more impressed
> with Ubuntu GNU/Linux than ever before.
> Even though both this mailing-list and the
> Ubuntu Forums warns everyone against the upgrade
> I took a shot at it - And it went straight through.
> I haven't had one single issue up until now. My
> computer runs smoothly and without any problems.
> The only "issue", or minor problem I have is getting
> used to another type of fonts in my Firefox browser. But
> other than that I have no complaints what so ever.
> Looking at the result of the upgrade I really do look
> forward to the next edition of Ubuntu.

It's actually a sick conspiracy to keep you plebes in the inferior version
of Ubuntu. That's why they delayed Dapper (because it was so good they
didn't want you to use it).

Any questions? ;-)

Tomer Chachamu
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