Need Exchange Server to support a real e-mail client.

Pelle ubuntu at
Mon May 28 10:41:23 UTC 2007

On Mon, May 28, 2007 at 12:24:54AM -0400, JD wrote:

> Evolution supports exchange natively with OWA (and imap afaik)

imho, owa doesn't qualify as a native interface, it's a hack...

> Depending on who the email server admin is, if they set up imap, ok.

reading email is just a 1/3 of the story. sending email and address
books are other vital parts. some might also add calendars. 

our exchange server does imap fine, but smtp is turned off. the
is-department won't do it either, bacause "it might open up some
security issues and it's not needed anyway" (afaik, outlook uses rpc for
sending emails).

connecting to ad for address book lookups is another story...

if you are lucky and have an is-departement who recognizes that not
everybody is happy running windows and outlook, they might set up the
exchange server in a usable state.

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