Feisty dialup connection problems

maxim wexler blissfix at yahoo.com
Sun May 27 17:47:14 UTC 2007

> Can't understand why this should be, like Larry I
> have never had any 
> probs with pppconfig

Ok, what does $lsmod say?

Module                  Size  Used by
ppp_async               8484  1
ppp_generic            17876  5 ppp_async
slhc                    5664  1 ppp_generic
crc_ccitt               1728  1 ppp_async
8250                   17828  2
serial_core            16096  1 8250

These are the results from my box. Not sure if I
really need the 8250 bits -- but they do no harm.

Disclosure: I'm running gentoo having chucked 'buntu
for the time being. On my setup I manually config'ed
the kernel doing # make menuconfig. I made all the ppp
drivers modular then used rc-update to initialize ppp
at boot. As I understand it, udev knows how to find
the modules required and install them when the PC



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