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Bruce Marshall bmarsh at bmarsh.com
Sun May 27 15:28:34 UTC 2007

On Sunday 27 May 2007, Larry Shields wrote:
> edwin coime wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've setup an FTP site on my linux box, I can upload and download a
> > files from that box on my LAN.
> >
> > But, how can other user access my ftp at home using the Internet, and
> > How can you gave a name for your ftp site ex. ftp://myftp.org?
> >
> > I have a DSL Internet connection at home and my FTP linux box is
> > connected on a router.
> >
> > In other words, How can I publish it publicly and accessing it using
> > domain-name?
> >
> > Any help is much appreciated.
> >
> > Thanks.

Your router should support  'dynanmic dns'  such as provided by dyndns.com.  
The typical router will support dyndns and a couple of others.

For free, you can go to dyndns and take out a domain name such as   
myftp.homelinux.net    and then you tell your router the name you have 

Once that is done, the router will update your IP address with dyndns.

Your friends can then  ftp to   myftp.homelinux.net  assuming you have set up 
your router to all ftp (not a good thing to do by the way because it is very 
insecure) and the proper port forwarding.

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