OpenOffice "Default" font has changed to "Kotchi Gothic"

Jon Grant jg at
Sun May 27 10:17:28 UTC 2007

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your reply.

>> I couldn't figure out how to do the same with OOo Calc. Any ideas?
> I'm looking at OOo help right now.  I found a "Basic Fonts" page that
> indicates the Writer option is really just a shortcut to change built-in
> templates; that's what I figured.  I think you may have to create a new
> spreadsheet template with the font you want.  Here are instructions
> based on the "Change default template" help page.
> 1. Create a new spreadsheet document.
> 2. Change the font (and any other global formatting)
> 3. Goto File-Templates-Save
> 4. Choose a name.
> 5. Click OK.
> 6. Goto File-Templates-Organize
> 7. Double-click My Templates.
> 8. Right-click the new spreadsheet
> 9. Click Set As Default Template

This worked perfectly. I did try to gut it short at no.5 by clicking on 
the "default" in the list, but that didn't work, hehe.
Thanks for the help.

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