OpenOffice "Default" font has changed to "Kotchi Gothic"

Jon Grant jg at
Sun May 27 00:32:32 UTC 2007

Hiya Matt,

Matthew Flaschen wrote on 26/05/07 22:57:
> Jon Grant wrote:
>> my default font has been changed
>> to Kotchi Gothic, and that looks rather poor for English text..  anyone 
>> know how to change it back globally?
> In OOo, Writer-Basic Fonts (Western).  Mine
> are all Nimbus Roman No9 L , except Heading which is Nimbus Sans No9 L .

Just checked this. Set mine to "Bitstream Vera Sans", this fixes OOo
Writer, thanks!

I couldn't figure out how to do the same with OOo Calc. Any ideas? that
doesn't have an option to set the default font. so everything is still in
Kotchi Gothic..

Kind regards

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