Deploying Linux Desktops in a Business (was Re: Antivirus for Ubuntu)

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Sat May 26 15:38:24 UTC 2007

Ben Edwards a écrit :
> Thanks for everybody's thoughts on the Antivirus issue.  The main
> reason this came up is we have lots of windows but also Solaris and
> Linux boxes, including a couple of desktops.  to move the Linux
> Desktop on in our business we need to develop a IT Strategy/policies.
> The key thing here is Due Diligence.  To persuade the business to
> allow. or even support, Linux on the desktop we need to have a proper
> strategy.  Having centrally managed Antivirus will make the business
> feel more confident in Linux - even if it is not nessesery - the
> education can come later and will take a long time, especially for non
> technical people.
> For example what access do we give non technical people to there Linux
> Desktop.

Only user level.

  Is it possible to give non sudo access to the box but allow
> them to install security updates.

You should not allow users to decide when or how to update their desktop.

I suggest you maintain an internal on lan repository where there are
only packages and updates you or the IT department first validated.

Workstations sould be set up to automatically update only from the
internal on lan repository (custom /apt/sources.list users can't change).

Another way round of having centralized managment would be to set up
workstations as thin client accessing system disks and users home on a
central disk array NFSv4, GFS or SMBFS for homes, LDAP+SAMBA3 for user
managment. You would save some time managing backups, updates and
availability. This require some important thoughts on redundancy because
you wouldn't want everyone down because the server, network or disk
array fail.

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