Deploying Linux Desktops in a Business (was Re: Antivirus for Ubuntu)

debiani386 debiani386 at
Fri May 25 23:57:58 UTC 2007

Ben Edwards wrote:
> Thanks for everybody's thoughts on the Antivirus issue.  The main
> reason this came up is we have lots of windows but also Solaris and
> Linux boxes, including a couple of desktops.  to move the Linux
> Desktop on in our business we need to develop a IT Strategy/policies.
> The key thing here is Due Diligence.  To persuade the business to
> allow. or even support, Linux on the desktop we need to have a proper
> strategy.  Having centrally managed Antivirus will make the business
> feel more confident in Linux - even if it is not nessesery - the
> education can come later and will take a long time, especially for non
> technical people.
> For example what access do we give non technical people to there Linux
> Desktop.  Is it possible to give non sudo access to the box but allow
> them to install security updates.  It is possible to give non sudo
> access and allow them to install/remove programs - maybe from a subset
> of what is available.

....or you could do what i do and just block sudo completely from the 
non-root users (as i run linux on a home computer and i am the only one 
that has the linux knowledge at my house..Furthermore, i dont want them 
installing some program that i didnt authorize, mainly because i dont 
have much hdd)
> Any thoughts on this appreciated.
> Ben

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