Deploying Linux Desktops in a Business (was Re: Antivirus for Ubuntu)

Ben Edwards funkytwig at
Fri May 25 07:10:25 UTC 2007

Thanks for everybody's thoughts on the Antivirus issue.  The main
reason this came up is we have lots of windows but also Solaris and
Linux boxes, including a couple of desktops.  to move the Linux
Desktop on in our business we need to develop a IT Strategy/policies.
The key thing here is Due Diligence.  To persuade the business to
allow. or even support, Linux on the desktop we need to have a proper
strategy.  Having centrally managed Antivirus will make the business
feel more confident in Linux - even if it is not nessesery - the
education can come later and will take a long time, especially for non
technical people.

For example what access do we give non technical people to there Linux
Desktop.  Is it possible to give non sudo access to the box but allow
them to install security updates.  It is possible to give non sudo
access and allow them to install/remove programs - maybe from a subset
of what is available.

Any thoughts on this appreciated.


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