Dial-up Sharing

debiani386 debiani386 at gmail.com
Thu May 24 22:38:52 UTC 2007

Brandon Blackwell wrote:
> Does anybody know if its possible to have one computer to connect to 
> dial up and then have this computer connected to a switch that shares 
> the internet access with all the computers attached to the switch? And 
> if you know would you tell how or give me a good link to check out 
> because I can't seem to find anything good or that explains what I'm 
> wanting to do exactly.
> Thanks in advance,
> Brandon
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i know how to setup internet connection sharing on a WINDOWS computer 
(just enable internet connection sharing and choose the internet 
modem..works over ethernet and wireless though), but i dont know how to 
do it on an ubuntu computer. It should work though on a router or switch 
(my router connects straight to the internet)

Ive had a lot of problems with the internet connection sharing (thanks 
microsoft) and alot of businesses up here chose proxies.


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