managing processes via temporal ssh account

Neil Cherry ncherry at
Thu May 24 19:57:21 UTC 2007

Jakob Lenfers wrote:
> Wolfgang <wollez at> writes:
>> Thanks for your help! It seems that "screen" is what I was looking for. 
>> I only have to figure out how to use it correctly ;-)
> I second the hint to change the escape character. I for example use
> Ctrl+t instead of Ctrl+a. Luckily for me all my fellow colleagues didn't
> use screen prior to my tip, so I could all convince them to use
> ctrl+t. :-)

I'm an emacs user (yes I know, I also I also beat my wife and
skewer innocent babies ;-) and ^T is for transposing characters
(I'm aslo dyslexic and get no respect because I use emacs). Being
an emacs user makes it very tough to deal with assigning spare
keys. Maybe F12 can be used (I haven't looked into it either).

> Back to your problem, I bet the following URL will help you:

Good page, I'll bookmark that thanks!

BTW, which mail list if for Ubuntu general discussions?

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