sound problems

Bob Schmidt bob58523 at
Thu May 24 14:18:34 UTC 2007

Hi All,

Just signed up to the list, and I need some help. I am asking a question 
that I am sure has been asked before. I did some research on the 
internet and couldn't really find an answer to this problem. So here I go...

I have a new Toshiba laptop model A135 1.6ghz celeron M processor, 1gb 
of ram and ati Xpress 200M video card. I completely removed vista 
(junk), and I have installed Ubuntu 7.04. Everything works fine except 
the sound. It sees the sound card SB450 HDA audio, but nothing works. If 
I go to the sound control (volume) and click it, I get a device, but no 
sound controls at all. I did read on the internet that some people 
believe there is a problem between the sound and modem. But I have no 
idea how to fix that (not real good with Linux). I really like the 
Ubuntu Linux, but my wife needs sound (this is her laptop).

Thanks in advance for any help that I may get,

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