managing processes via temporal ssh account

Neil Cherry ncherry at
Thu May 24 12:09:42 UTC 2007

Phil Bieber wrote:
> On 5/24/07, Wolfgang <wollez at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I wan't to start one programme via a ssh shell. But when I close the
>> process stops to run as well. Is there a way to start programms remotely
>> (via ssh) and access them again on the next day from a new login?
>> I hope the problem description is getting clear.
>> Thanks
>> Wolfgang
> Hi!
> Just for clarification:
> You want to start a program via SSH. Then logout and come back the
> next day via SSH and you want to be able to manipulate it?
> Like starting VI, logout, login, still in VI?
> I *think* that is not quite as easy as it sounds. You don't login into
> the same shell, but rather start up a new shell...
> I'll leave this for the pros, though I'd be interested, too, if this
> is possible..

It is but he needs to use a command called screen, type

	man screen

Also do an Internet search on linux screen howto. Screen allows
you to start and run many programs, even interactive ones like
emacs, and logout without the programs shutting down. You can
then login later and reattach to the running program. It also
permits you to run several programs from that one session.

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