7.04 to Gutsy Gibbon

Jimmy Frydkær Jensen thewolf40 at mailme.dk
Wed May 23 23:51:43 UTC 2007

Well - Maybe I'm born under a lucky star
I don't know - But just out of curiosity I
tried to upgrade my Ubuntu 7.04 to Gusty Gibbon
and I must admit that NOW I'm even more impressed
with Ubuntu GNU/Linux than ever before.

Even though both this mailing-list and the
Ubuntu Forums warns everyone against the upgrade
I took a shot at it - And it went straight through.

I haven't had one single issue up until now. My
computer runs smoothly and without any problems.

The only "issue", or minor problem I have is getting
used to another type of fonts in my Firefox browser. But
other than that I have no complaints what so ever.

Looking at the result of the upgrade I really do look
forward to the next edition of Ubuntu.

Keep up the good work.

He Whom Dare Wins

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