Data partition sharing between Ubuntu & WinXP

Dave Woyciesjes woyciesjes at
Wed May 23 17:59:44 UTC 2007

	Looking for thoughts on this...
I've got about 90GB of data I want to protect from loss/damage. I'll 
have a machine that will dual boot Ubuntu & WinXP (maybe 2K?). Yes, I 
will need Windows for some things.
	It'll have one 60GB drive (PATA) 2 PATA 80GB drives, and a 80GB SATA 
drive. 1.5GB RAM.
	Initial thought is as follows:
80GB hda - 10GB Ubuntu, 10GB WinXP, 57GB Data1 (mounted as /home), 2GB swap
60GB hdc - 57GB Data1 backup copy, 2GB swap
80GB hde - 75GB Data2, 2GB swap
80GB sda - 75GB Data2 backup copy, 2GB swap
(well, assuming the SATA drive gets marked as sda, but that's neither 
here nor there...)

	Software RAID mirroring and/or LVM won't work, since WinXP wouldn't be 
able to read the data.

	At first, I figured the data drive would all be Fat32 using rsync. I'd 
also like to figure out a way to compare files, to see if maybe one got 
	Then I though about using ext3 on the Data partitions, since there is a 
utility for mounting ext3 drives in WinXP (as ext2). I'd be in Ubuntu 
most of the time. But what about WinXP screwing with the ext3 filesystem?
	Then I saw that ntfs-3g is now in the Universe repo. So maybe I could 
go that way, and not worry about XP whacking the files.
	Or there is the option of having ext3 on the main, and ntfs on the 
backup? Or should I just forget it all and go with Fat32?

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