Future of "Desktop Effects" in Feisty?

Tony linux433 at comcast.net
Wed May 23 01:29:48 UTC 2007

Paul S wrote:
> Tony said the following on 05/22/2007 08:15 PM:
>> Working here ATI x1400 supposedly not supported but  was able to get 
>> beryl 2.0 with a few minor glichs up and running just fine nice to i 
>> might add.
>> Desktop affects in compiz work also using  xgl here is a guide for ATI 
>> there are many others also for Nvidia and Intel.
>> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=2564461&postcount=13
>> <T>
> I have the X1400 also, but the laptop version.  I find a bit different 
> experience than you report.  When I run beryl for a while, I encounter a 
> complete desktop freeze. After the second event, I stopped using it and 
> went back to compiz.  I haven't had any freeze on compiz.
> Have you had any lockups in beryl on your X1400?
> regards,
 No lockups I'm on a laptop also a T60 Lenovo in fact I run beryl 8 or 
more hours a day with out problems but i will say it has some quirks you 
have to figure out when you configure some of the features also its very 
hard to get it to work with Gset-Kiba dock I gave up think its due to 
running an XGL session but haven't investigate further.

The way i run is configure and then log in to a gnome-XGL session only 
then start beryl manager from the system Tools also you must revert to 
version 2.0 of beryl not the latest it wont work with ATI drivers or XGL.

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