Problems with realplayer since 7.04

NoOp glgxg at
Tue May 22 02:05:04 UTC 2007

On 05/20/2007 05:53 PM, Freddie Ruddick wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I recently installed Feisty, after having used Edgy on the same box
> since release. With Edgy, I could listen to BBC Radio-On-Demand [1],
> however the play/pause and other controls didn't work. Now, the buttons
> all work fine, however I cannot listen to the stream, as it is VERY
> jumpy (brief periods of the programme between longer pieces of silence),
> and seems to be playing at double speed. 
> This jumpiness occurs regardless of whether I use the html-embedded
> player; or manually download the .ram file and open it with realplayer.
> It can't be my internet connection as my windows box on the same LAN can
> play them just fine. I have tried both Real's .bin installer, and
> the .deb listed on the Ubuntu Wiki[2] 
> Any idea why this, and (more importantly!) how I can fix it?
> Freddie :)
> [1]
> [2]

It's a bit odd... realplay used to be in the canonical commercial
repository, now it seems that the only thing there is the vms software.
However, you can easily fix the problem - reinstall.  Go to your
/home/name/.RealPlayer directory and rename it. Now go to:
and download via the download button. This will download
RealPlayer10GOLD.bin to a directory/location of your choice.
cd to the directory/location where you downloaded the file and then:

chmod +x RealPlayer10GOLD.bin
sudo ./RealPlayer10GOLD.bin

When it asks you where to install, I'd recommend /opt/RealPlayer that
way you can easily find it later.
Then it will ask you to enter F to begin copying files: F-enter
Then it will ask you to configure system-wide symbolic links: enter Y
and when asked for the prefix just enter /user

Now go and test via your BBC links and/or
and you should be back to normal.

No idea why Feisty screwed up an existing install of RealPlayer - it did
it to mine as well.

Also see:

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