Compiling Asterisk requires Ubuntu source?

Don Kelly dk at
Tue May 22 01:15:30 UTC 2007

Thanks, Matt.

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>> Don Kelly wrote:
>> I'm new to Ubuntu and new to Asterisk. I'm attempting to compile Asterisk
>> 6.06.1 and when I attempt to 'make' zaptel I get the error:

> Is there a reason you are compiling it yourself?  Asterisk is included
in the repositories.  I believe you can install it with:

I want to confirm that I can compile Asterisk in the Ubuntu environment
'cause I expect to need to make modifications to libpri to complete my

> sudo aptitude install asterisk

I added the universe repository and looked at the list of Asterisk packages.
I can't tell what version of Asterisk is in the package. The one I want to
compile is the stable 1.2 rather than the newest 1.4.

> You will have to enable the universe repository beforehand in
/etc/apt/sources.list (see

>> I installed Ubuntu from a downloaded iso. Apparently this doesn't include
>> source? How do I get the source?

> sudo aptitude install linux-source

> will install the kernel source.

I did "sudo aptitude install linux-source" and it looked like it worked
fine. I again attempted to 'make' zaptel. I got the error "You do not appear
to have the sources for the 2.6.15-28-amd64-generic kernal installed."

> Matt Flaschen

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