unhappy upgrade

Brien J. Wankel brien at reebosak.net
Mon May 21 06:26:47 UTC 2007

perhaps you can provide more information as to what exactly went wrong, 
and how you went about fixing it. Ubuntu's development and growth is 
driven by a helpful community of people working out problems and 
explaining to others how they were fixed. Perhaps if you gave some 
feedback as to how you fixed your problems, the Ubuntu community can put 
these fixes in place for future releases.

Feel free to submit a patch
or a bug


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norman wrote:
> I would like to place on record that I am very disappointed with the
> upgrade from 6.10 to 7.04. The first thing I find is that Pan, which I
> use regularly, has been drastically changed with no guidance being
> provided on how to salvage the old settings etc. Thanks to a kind user,
> this has been remedied by uninstalling the new Pan and reinstalling the
> old one. This should not be allowed to happen, it gives a very bad
> impression.
> Next, I find my faithful scanner no longer works. I get the impression
> that this was a well known bug even before 7.04 was released. If that is
> correct then someone at Canonical needs taking to task.
> Finally, the windows users I have on my wireless network were not able
> to  connect to the printer. This has happened before some time ago with
> a previous upgrade and, fortunately, I was able to put things right.
> I will not ramble on just to add that this gives an impression of a
> couldn't care less attitude and does not do credit to Mark the provider.
> Norman

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