Grub disk error (Ubuntu server 6.06 LTS)

Serg B. sergicles at
Sun May 20 14:56:50 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I just installed Ubuntu server 6.06 LTS on some Intel (mobo) based
server that I have inherited (so not 100% on exact hardware yet).
Hardware includes a single SCSI disk and RAID.

Installation process completes successfully, however when I try to
boot the system post-install I get an error message:

Grub disk error

I can get shell if I boot of the installation CD and choose "boot of
first  disk" or something like that...

Looking at menu.lst file I can see references to sda1 and (hd0,0).
Also tried (hd0,1) - unsuccessful. Any ideas on how I could get the
system to boot on its own without the need for the boot CD would be
greatly appreciated.



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