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> On Sat, 2007-05-19 at 07:49 -0500, Chris wrote:

> > > > 
> > > > I've just looked at my two directories, new and old, for pan and
> > > > they seem to have a very different structure, so I can only
> > > > assume the version of pan in feisty just does not understand
> > > > the stuff in the old pan directory.

This is correct. This new version of Pan has , as I understand it, been
completely rewritten with a new development platform; C++ rather than C
or something like that. One of the consequences is a radical change to
the structure of both how files are held in different folders and the
content of the various files. The two versions are not compatible,
which is why the new version creates a new 'pan2' folder.

> > > > I've also googled for conversion tools, but not found any yet.
> > > I have also looked with no result.
> > Seems like pretty poor planning on the part of the maintaners not to
> > have an "upgrade" path. I too use(d) Pan and dealt with the same
> > issues. 

Personally, I think it is disgusting there was no conversion path
created by the developers. Pan was THE single leader in Gnome based gui
newsreaders and, as such, I think had a 'moral' responibility to look
after users who, in some cases, would have put considerable effort into
large and complex setups.
> > I just gave up mainly because I'm just to lazy to dig up my ISP's
> > info to set it all back up etc.
> That's rather how I feel about it. What do you propose instead?

You can, as suggested elsewhere in this thread, download the old
version .deb and lock it off from upgrade. I moved to a combination
slrn/slrnpull solution for my text based news . It takes a bit of
learning to set it all up the way you want but, having done that, it is
just SO powerful. There are lots of good tutorials to be Googled. I
moved my binary newsgroups to KLibido, which runs fine under Gnome even
though it is a KDE package.

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