norman norman at
Sat May 19 14:29:30 UTC 2007


> I recently resolved this problem with the new version of Pan by
> uninstalling the new version and downloading the older, stable version
> of Pan from here:
> The stable version is
> Then I installed the stable version and locked that version in synaptic
> so the software updater didn't constantly alert me to the newer
> (unstable) version included with Feisty.
> All of your old settings in the pan directory should work just fine once
> you install the stable version.
> On a side note, I did try to use the new version of Pan and didn't like
> it at all. Personally I don't know what the developers were thinking.
> Why the radical change? Some of the useful functions that I have grown
> accustomed to seem to be missing (like being able to select a different
> news server manually from the "servers" menu. I use multiple servers and
> find the new version clumsy and ineffective.

Sounds very sensible to me I must give it a go and report back.


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