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Sat May 19 01:19:34 UTC 2007

On 05/18/2007 04:51 PM, debian wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> On 05/18/2007 04:16 PM, debian wrote:
>>> Michael Satterwhite wrote:
>>>> Can anyone suggest a currently being sold fax modem for use with Ubuntu? I'd 
>>>> prefer an internal or USB, but an external serial would work, too, if it 
>>>> doesn't break the bank (I don't have a large bank <g>).
>>>> Thanks much
>>>> ---Michael
>>> Search ebay or amazon, they have lots of working internal AND external 
>>> modems that would perform great on ubuntu.
>>> --cj
>> And which internal modem(s) do you have working on Ubuntu?
>> Note: not intended to be sarcastic, but I'd really like to know as I've
>> yet to get any of my internal modems to work on Ubuntu (all work well in
>> windows).
> actually, i upgraded to a DSL modem (which hooks straight into my LAN 
> port), but the ones that will best work with linux are usually serial 
> modems.
> Try looking for 3com or best data serial modems. or do an ebay search on 
> "linux modems" and youll come up with lots that will work with linux

Yes, but very few *internal* modems that work with Ubuntu. Internal
modems seem to be the downfall of Ubuntu (google is your friend). 3com
no longer sells dialup modems, and serial modems are soon becoming a
thing of the past as well (and fewer *new* systems are even offering
serial ports). However, there are millions of older systems out there
that have existing internal (either via the motherboard or via a system
card) that are virtually worthless under an Ubuntu system. Those that
can be configured generally require an act of $pickyourdiety to get them
running. Hence my question: which internal modem(s) do you have working
on Ubuntu? Apparently you do not, so please don't simply advise to do a
search on ebay or google to find one. If you don't have a working
internal modem w/Ubuntu it's better just to not comment.

It seems that Roger has an old 3com 56K FaxModem Model 5610 working just
fine. This is *good* news.

Anyone else have a working internal modem? Please add your *internal*
modem and let's see if we can offer some sound advise with regards to
_working_ modems vs do an ebay or google search. Here is a sample of
three system that are not working:

System|Preferences|Hardare Information

Internal Modem		Ubuntu OS	Works	Computer
Agere Systems Wildwire	6.x - 7.04	no 	[1]
Agere V90 Wildwire	6.x - 7.04	no 	[2]
SIS AC'97 		6.x - 7.04	no 	[3]

1. Built into a Compaq Presario 5670
2. Built into a IBM ThinkPad A21M
3. Built into a Sony Vaio Desktop

Note: I have another test system that has a 3rd party modem in
(non-winmodem) but it's being updated now so I'll need to try later. I
also have an old Fremont Frecom Fax596 that I dug up out of a box that
I'll try as well -- anyone get one of these to work?

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