UPDATE: FreeBSD to Ubuntu

Chris racerx at makeworld.com
Fri May 18 12:08:06 UTC 2007

Hiya folks -

	Just another update: 
As you recall some months ago, I came to Ubuntu in search of moving to
it and converting my iTunes collection into ogg files.

	This is complete and have been happily adding to my music
collection with both burning the purchased tunes to cd then ripping
them. In addition, my pre-ripped CD's that were in mp3 format, I
converted with help you you all and an app called mp32ogg.

	Since then, I managed to remove 2 FreeBSD servers from the mix
and turned them into Ubu-boxen.

	One, an intel box, is now my archiver using BackupPC. This was
an install that was so easy (compared to using the source tarball on a
CentOS box). 

	The other, an UltraSparc that also ran FreeBSD. This box was in
use for a few eggs that I run for a few friends. I converted that box
last night - and is humming along without ANY issues (from the Sparc
install to the final egg conversion).

	My final Ubu-project will be installing Ubu on yet another
Ultra that will be my php/MySQL development box starting this

	I'll start that off with a simple LAMP install and go from

	It's been a wonderful experience - one that has made the
conversion well worth it. Everything I wanted to do - has been handled
near-effortlessly by Ubu.

	As a well seasoned *BSD user - none of this would have gone so
smoothly. Well, it would have however, it would require me quitting my
job to devote the time needed to complete this in the same time-frame
used currently.

	I just wanted to offer this to the people that work damned hard
on this project - that the effort they put forth - IS paying off.

As always, TIA.

Best regards,

Call toll free number before digging.
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