Getting back Ubuntu Grub after FC5 install

Thomas Kaiser ubuntu at
Fri May 18 11:44:24 UTC 2007

Bruce Marshall wrote:
> On Thursday 17 May 2007, Thomas Kaiser wrote:
>> I run grub-install and did not help :-(
>> Edit menu.lst in FC5 is not an option!
> Make yourself a file like the below and modify it as necessary.
> setup --stage2=/boot/grub/stage2 (hd1,4) (hd1,4)
> setup --stage2=/boot/grub/stage2 (hd0) (hd1,4)
> quit
> Note that this sets up grub on two different areas...   hd0 would be the MBR 
> of your first hard drive and  hd1,4  would be  /dev/hdb5  on the second 
> drive.
> The first argument above tells grub where to write its boot records and the 
> second argument tells where the grub files are.
> If you can tell me where your grub stuff is, I'll tell you how to modify it if 
> you can't figure it out.
> Once you have the proper file  (I put mine as   /etc/grub.conf)   then run it
> as:
> grub  <  /etc/grub.conf
> Now if you can't boot into anything in order to run this, you'll have to use a 
> live CD or some other method to do that.

Thanks Bruce

This where the grub parameters I was looking for. Now, I have my Ubuntu grub 
back ;-). But should not do "dpkg-reconfigure grub" the same thing?



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