Getting back Ubuntu Grub after FC5 install

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Thu May 17 21:13:42 UTC 2007

On Thursday 17 May 2007, Thomas Kaiser wrote:
> I run grub-install and did not help :-(
> Edit menu.lst in FC5 is not an option!

Make yourself a file like the below and modify it as necessary.

setup --stage2=/boot/grub/stage2 (hd1,4) (hd1,4)
setup --stage2=/boot/grub/stage2 (hd0) (hd1,4)

Note that this sets up grub on two different areas...   hd0 would be the MBR 
of your first hard drive and  hd1,4  would be  /dev/hdb5  on the second 

The first argument above tells grub where to write its boot records and the 
second argument tells where the grub files are.

If you can tell me where your grub stuff is, I'll tell you how to modify it if 
you can't figure it out.

Once you have the proper file  (I put mine as   /etc/grub.conf)   then run it

grub  <  /etc/grub.conf

Now if you can't boot into anything in order to run this, you'll have to use a 
live CD or some other method to do that.

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